a project by: José Manuel Blasco Galdón
ytCropper, the javascript library to crop YouTube videos inside your website. It is an opensource project, so you can feel free to download it, change it and use it.

YouTube Video Cropper for javascript

ytCropper is a javascript library that makes it easier to add a YouTube Cropper module inside your web. The result will be like this:

adjust handles to crop the video
You can get the cropper on your web by using this simple code:
cropper = new ytCropper("#playerWrapper",  // div container's id
    idvid:"ZMJ2UJI4onI", // Youtube hosted video ID
    width:'640', // player width
    height:'390', // player height
    maxRange: 60, // max range
    minRange: 5 // min range

Once you have cut the video, you can obtain the handle values, or even an embed youtube link configured to play the excerpt you've cropped:
Check how it works and how customize it by consulting the ytCropper API.