Video Editors for YouTube

9 Video Editors for YouTube that Every Channel Should Consider

Movavi Video Editor for YouTube

Movavi Video Editing Tool

A comprehensive tool that is perfect for video editing for YouTube, Facebook, or any other publishing platform, Movavi is a top contender due to its ease-of-use and versatility. It is for this reason that this website is among the 5,000 most visited in the world.
Movavi is also available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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muvee YouTube Video Editor


Providing a video editing software tailored to drones, action cameras, & 360° recording, muvee is among the best YouTube video editors. muvee also offers automatic video editing which allows content creators to reduce the time from video shoot to publish. muvee has a suite of products in this realm.

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Pinnacle Studio: YouTube Video Editor

Pinnacle Studio 21.

Powerful Video Editing Software for YouTube Creators

With thousands of effects built-in, Pinnacle Studio is among the top video editing software for YouTube creators. This video editor also has templates, titles, and transitions that can even be applied to 360 degree or 4k film.

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Animoto Video Editor for YouTube


Video Editor for YouTube, Facebook, or Business

Animoto is much more than a tool which can be used to create animations. Animoto has a full suite of video editing software which is suitable for YouTube, Facebook, and any business website.

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Honorable Mentions

  • AVS4You

    AVS4YOU is an easy-to-use audio-video editor which brings the power of professional tools to even a beginner multi-media creator. Whether you're looking to edit your upcoming YouTube video or you're putting finishing touches to your new track, AVS4YOU can help you get the job done.

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  • Camtasia

    Camtasia by Techsmith gives editors an clean and organized platform to make your videos professional and fun. It has more than 14 million users already, including organizations like the American Cancer Society, eBay, and Avaya - to name a few. Try Camtasia now with their free trial.

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  • Magix

    Magix Movie Editor Pro gives its users the ability to create unique and custom videos. It comes with a trove of valuable effects, paired with easy-to-use controls. Magix has been a recognized name in video production software for more than 15 years and has a historic satisfaction rating of 93%.

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  • Nero

    Nero is another great video editing option for those interested in producing movies, clips or even slide shows through a fast and easy interface. This comprehensive software has templates for beginner editors, but can also be fully customized to create unique videos for YouTube and beyond.

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